Crep Candle is a brand specialising in the production of bespoke sneaker-shaped candles which are scented with a variety of aromatic fragrances. We are re-defining what’s possible by crafting popular shoe silhouettes as vegan, bio friendly collectible candles.

Born out of the pandemic, Crep Candle was created to fill a gap in the market for top quality, unique candles appealing to a wide youth audience. Our creative production team now resides in the outskirts of Manchester cooking up waxy ideas to further the brand and its range.

Our aim is to bring excitement and creativity to our audience whilst offering a fresh alternative within the home décor space, an industry dominated by flavourless companies with no appeal to youth culture.

Every candle made by us is hand poured and individually unique. Each one of our designs have been meticulously developed, over months of trial and error, by hand using a variety of craft materials such as silicone, clay, soy wax, oils and more. We ensure to use only the best components and it is a particular ethos within our brand to use the most sustainable, high quality waxes and oils to produce our candles. We pride ourselves on the hand-crafted nature of our pieces with each product specifically developed to leave no mess burned or unburned, retain scent even when not alight and have unmatched detail you will not find anywhere else.