Handmade from start to finish in our Manchester studio.

The Small Details Matter

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Mould Creation

We handmake each mould to make sure our candles are completely exclusive and cannot be found anywhere other than our store. Using silicone, clay and material from the shoes themself we are able to create the highest quality candles on the market, using methods that we have perfected over the last 3 years.

Our Candles

Using only the most premium eco friendly soy wax, we assure our candles look as detailed as they possibly can. From the leather down to the stitching, you will be able to see the extreme detail we give each Crep Candle. Each candle is loaded with fragrance so even if you are hesitant to burn it, your room will still be hit with its fresh scent. Those who have no fear and burn their candle (as you should!) we have made them so the burn pool does not destroy your candle, if burnt properly and instructions are followed. A tunnel will burn down to the sole keeping the outside structure sound.


Each of our 1:1 scale Crep Candles come in its own CC branded shoe box. With the specific shoe and scent stickered on the side, just as if you were buying an actual pair of shoes.

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